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— Keenon Rush is a creative director, cinematographer, and producer connecting the dots in Los Angeles, CA.


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I am a creative director living and working in Los Angeles. I discovered my love for creativity early on as a musician and singer in church. These early influences lead me to pursue a career as an artist and producer finding success in moving people through visual storytelling, rhythm, and wordplay. My music has been covered by outlets such as Pigeons & Planes, Immersive Atlanta, and Elevator Mag, to name a few. Through sharpening my skills as a musician I also developed the ability to design across different forms of media in collaboration with talented individuals in the music and entertainment scene of Atlanta. My work spans across different genres of music, brand + entertainment, and scales of impact. I find satisfaction in solving puzzles of communication through video, logo and graphic design and strive to add to my toolkit of ability through each new endeavor. I have worked with top hip-hop artists, fashion brands, business moguls, and entertainment megastars in Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Currently, I lead all creative production for Will Smith, Fashion Brands, and Media projects at Westbrook Media in Los Angeles, CA. Please contact me to talk more about how we can come together to tell your story.







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