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Keenon was raised in the congregations of East Atlanta churches performing old hymns and Sunday morning favorites all while learning the power and influence of creative communication. These experiences inspired him initially to pick up the pen and pad and tell stories of life as a youth in the subdivisions of Ellenwood, GA. Since then he has continuously honed in on his skill set in production, writing and executive creation. His dream of releasing music on a global scale was influenced by such greats as Andre’ 3000, Kendrick Lamar, and 2 Chainz, and it has been said by many of his fans that he exhibits their influence in his music. 
Keenon's music stands alone due to his ability to leverage cadence and wordplay. His records captivate audiences with anecdotes that people can relate to and characters that they want to root for. He attributes his understanding of this strategic combination of rhythm and rhetoric to countless hours listening to music and appreciating the beauty in its ambiguity. In the closing months of 2017, he has championed a movement with his new Citizen Keen EP release followed by a series of singles under the moniker #KNSZN. 
Keenon has sacrificed, leveled up and put pieces in position for this time. Contact management for more information and book Keenon Rush on your next show or tour.


"His production is driving, percussive, and often alien—but the lyrics are set in the dirt and sweat of everyday life, the trials and tribulations of a young soul finding his way. " 



- Graham Corrigan, P&P 




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